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Sea Cliff Climbing

Flint Rock cave in the late 1990's

Slate's Spire sticks out of the Pacific Ocean and is only accessible during minus tides and small surf so plan carefully. The rock is sandstone with some loose holds and be sure to watch out for crabs at the bottom. There is a little sandy spot on the beach that is good for setting up your hibachi.

Pacific Ocean Cliff - Patrick's Point State Park, Walk south on the rim trail to the Rocky Point trail. Go down this trail to the beach and follow a climber's path to the "Yosemite Boulder"

Neahkahnie Cliffs North of Manzanita off of Hwy 101. Expert climbers only. Area can be windy and unstable.

Rock Climbing

Indian Beach / Secret Cove Located in Ecola state park there are some bouldering in a little cove just south of the main beach.

Moonstone Beach is north of Arcata, at the Westhaven Drive exist on Hwy 101. Easy access climbing area and a local favorite. Quality sandstone and greenstone boulders and cliffs, combined with soft sand landings.

Big Sur Bouldering - Located in the California Sea Otter Preserve, experience an array of climbing areas and the abundant wildlife within. Beware of tides, sneaker waves, loose and slippery rocks, unstable logs.


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