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Pacific Coast Recreation is the event and outdoor actiity arm of the Pacific Coast Highway 101 travel and tourism web site,

The author and web site manager, Sandy Todd, has lived and traveled up and down the California, Oregon and Washington coasts the majority of her life.  Her love for local culture, history and the outdoors is an integral part of her travels and travel writing.  You can find her making notes on her phone while uncovering a pioneer cabin or hiking to a hidden waterfall or scooping up a batch of mushrooms. You won’t find her “off the beaten path” because where she goes, there is no path. She is also the grandmother of 4 rambunctious kids who share her adventurous spirit and keep her engrossed in discovering that next great place to explore.

She has been a guest on Travel Brigade, Travel'n On and The Travel Guys. Her web sites have been featured in Coastal Living, Seattle PI, USA Today and CNN. In addition, she is a passionate outdoor and wildlife activist working to retain pristine environments for her grandchildren and generations to come.

Contact Sandy at
3010 Hwy 101
Florence OR 97439
541 991 2001